February 2012  MindBody Newsletter 
About Us
Welcome to MindBody where we offer a comprehensive program that will de-stress, energize and lead you to a healthier life, mind and body.



Our mission at MindBody is health, fitness, lifestyle, community. We are here to guide family, friends and the entire community in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. We want to help you focus on ways to develop a realistic plan to achieve your goals.
Encouragement is the glue that bonds us together. One love, one body, one mind...

Our experienced, professional, caring and highly trained instructors will motivate, encourage and help you to improve your quality of life. Conditioning you to cultivate balance, focus, health and happiness into everything you do.

At MindBody, there is something for everyone. We offer over 80 classes a week in Pilates, Yoga, Ballet Barre, TRX, Extreme Gravity, Spinning, Pole Fitness, Baby & Me and Kids Fitness
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Hot Yoga Flow: In Hot Yoga the room is heated from 91-100 degrees depending on the intensity of the class and the pacing of the teacher. The heat is designed to keep the body warm and the muscles more supple to avoid injuries.
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What Will You Experience?
The work in this class is definitely ballet and dance based, but no dance experience is required to reap the benefits of the class. Standing at the bar for relevés (heel raises to work the calves) and stretching provides strength training with poise.

Our group classes are individually competitive in a supportive
atmosphere designed to keep class interest high and bring personalized attention to a group setting. It's the best of both worlds!

Take your strength training to a new level with our MB Gravity Elite Class! Safe and effective, our Gravity Elite program is designed to give you a full body workout in just one hour.

MindBody After-School FUN Kidz:
With physical education time being limited for our kids in schools, its up to parents to make sure the kids are getting enough exercise!