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Scott Christiansen is an Internationally known and respected Psychic Medium, Author & Healer. Scott works all around the country and the worlds through travel, radio, internet, magazines and the telephone. He allows psychic advice to come through him regardless of where you are, through psychic phone readings. Scott has been branded, by those who have worked with him, as "The Ethical Psychic". He is honored to have earned this designation. Scott also works with celebrities, politicians, various law enforcement agencies & the medical community. Scott's tremendous Psychic Ability is highly sought after due to his accuracy, affirmation & results.

Scott Christiansen’s new book, The Inheritance, is taking the world by storm. In March, Scott launched this book at the Celebration Fair, at the Denver Merchandise Mart. He headlined this event with New York Times Best Selling Author Dannion Brinkley. Together, the two drew in over 8,000 people. The Inheritance has been called, “The Secret, The Celestine Prophecy, The DaVinci Code and Harry Potter all rolled into one.” It has also been described as, “a wonderful journey that almost seems to teach you Metaphysics by accident.” Make sure and get your copy and change your thinking and maybe even your life today!

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